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The uncompromising high standards of the Swarovski beads has made them the high benchmark against which all other beads are compared. Swarovski is the world's undisputed leading manufacturer and supplier of brilliant cut crystals. Its uncompromising high quality has been lavishly used in the famous creations of fashion luminaries such as Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Roberto Cavalli, and many other top designers around the world.

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Daniel Swarovski was the founder of the company over a 100 years ago and his philosophy in product perfection, innovation, leading-edge research, creativity are continued in the company's line of diverse products today.

Swarovski products cover a full gamut of high quality items. In the jewelry making world, it is best known for its superb Crystal beads, followed closely by its array of Pearl beads.

This list is not a comprehensive list of all the Swarovski crystal beads. Swarovsky adds yearly to them with new additions. I will add to this list, more and more over time so you have the detailed information you require to make good, informed buys.

Swarovski Beads

Swarovski Beads 5000 5000 Round
(archived ver: Swarovski Crystal Bead 5000)
Swarovski Disco Ball 5003 5003 Disco Ball
(archived ver: Swarovski Crystal Bead 5003)
Swarovski Chessboard Ball 5005 5005 Chessboard Bead
Swarovski Round 5015 5015 Round
Swarovski Helix Beads 5020 5020 Helix Bead
Swarovski Briolette Puffed Rondelle Beads 5040 5040 Briolette
(aka Puffed Rondelle)
Swarovski Briolette Beads 5041 5041 Briolette - large hole
Swarovski Round Disc Beads 5100 5100 Disc/Flat Round
Swarovski Ring Beads 5139 5139 Ring
Swarovski Modular Beads 5150 5150 Modular Bead
Swarovski Square Double Hole Beads 5180 5180 Square Double Hole
Swarovski Keystone Beads 5181 5181 Keystone Bead - 2 holes
Swarovski Faceted Oval 5200 5200 Faceted Oval
Swarovski Polygon Bead 5203 5203 Polygon
Swarovski Long Elongated Bicone Bead 5205 5205 Long Bicone
(aka Elongated Bicone)
Swarovski bicone Beads 5301 5301 Bicone Bead
Swarovski Spacer Beads 5305 5305 Spacer
(aka Rondelle or Flattened Bicone)
Swarovski rondelle bead 5308 5308 Rondelle
Swarovski Rotund bead 5309 5309/1 Rotund (Part Cut)
Swarovski Simplicity bead 5310 5310 Simplicity
Swarovski XILION bicone bead 5328 5328 XILION bicone
Swarovski Teardrop bead 5500 5500 Teardrop
Swarovski Graphic Bead 5503 5520 Graphic Bead
Swarovski Cosmic Bead 5523 5523 Cosmic Bead
Swarovski Artemis Bead 5540 5525 Wave
Swarovski Aquiline Bead 5530 5530 Aquiline Bead - center hole
Swarovski Aquiline Bead 5530 5531 Aquiline Bead - top hole
Swarovski Artemis Bead 5540 5540 Artemis
Swarovski Galactic Bead 5556 5556 Galactic
Swarovski Diagonal Cube Bead 5600 5600 Diagonal Cube
(aka Angle Cube)
Swarovski Cube Bead 5601 5601 Cube
Swarovski Graphic Bead 5603 5603 Graphic
Swarovski Twist Bead 5621 5621 Twist
Swarovski Cubist Bead 5650 5650 Cubist
Swarovski Star Bead 5714 5714 Star
Swarovski Fish Bead 5727 5727 Fish
Swarovski Heart Bead 5742 5742 Heart
Swarovski Flower Bead 5744 5744 Flower Bead
Swarovski Butterfly Bead 5754 5754 Butterfly Bead
Swarovski Protective Spacer Ring Protective Spacer Ring

buy Swarovski from Swarovski Authorized dealerTo buy Swarovski crystal and findings, why not pop over to my Clearly Chosen Swarovski Store. As a Swarovski authorized dealer (wholesale/retail), I can help you either search for and/or order in for you the Swarovski you need to find.  Feel free to use the free Library here to research for some of the hard-to-find Swarovski crystals.

Or Contact Me (new window) - please give me as much specifics as you can when enquiring after Swarovski, e.g. code number, size, color, effect.

Please note: apart from what is already in store, I deal mainly in Bulk Packs (¼ of full pack) or Full Packs (full factory packs), direct from Swarovski, Austria).

Despite it comparative cost, Swarovski crystals remain unrivalled in their popularity as generation after generation look to Swarovski for perfection in cut & shine. The lead content (about 32% to maximise light refraction), which gives crystals their sparkle, is usually higher than in any other crystals offered, giving it the AAA quality.

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