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This free Jewelry Making Library is for you and me. In a world where bits of information is popping up everywhere, I find it comforting to have a library I can turn to again and again. I LOVE collecting information and even more, I love to be able to find the information I need, preferably in one place, when I need it.

My name is Helena and (one of) my passions is Jewelry Making. The world of jewelry making is an Exciting and Expanding one. There is always another jewelry making technique to try and learn and master. There are always more beads, and jewellery tools, and all kinds of groovy jewelry gadgets that seem to quickly become must-haves!

When searching for info on the web, you might try other common spellings for "jewelry":
  • jewellery
  • jewelery
  • jewlery

Super creative professional and hobbyist artisans spring up every day and jewellery making tips and how-to's abound. It is not possible to have just one singular jewellery making authority.

This making jewelry library will house all kinds of diverse jewerlry making techniques and avenues. I will provide links, whenever possible, to related quality jewelry making sites I find.

Meanwhile let me tell you about another big love of mine - SWAROVSKI.

Yup, *Sparkle* *Bling* and *Top Elegance* gets me every time! And since I have authorized access to Swarovski's Create Your Style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, I have the joy of being able to find a lot of in-depth SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS information that would otherwise be hard to get hold of.

Swarovski Create Your Style supplier label

In this Jewelry Making library site, you will be able to use my collected Swarovski Library for free. Get to really know your Swarovski because it has so much more to offer than what you would normally find around.

Jewelry Supplies - there is a huge variety of supplies for making jewelry. Every niche of jewelry making seems to call for their own specialized tools. It can be over-whelming at times and having a handy Jewelry Making Library will help make things clearer and much easier.

Looking for different Jewelry Supplies and Tools? Have a browse or do a search.

Jewelry Supplies are not just about beads (and oh boy is there a huge selection of jewerly making beads out there!) and jewelry findings. There are jewelry pliers for specialty uses, specialized tools and equipment, different stringing and beading threads, and even types of packages for those who are into making and selling jewellery.

relax at Jewelry Making Library

So sit back, get yourself a cuppa, kick off your shoes, and enjoy your exploration:


  • Swarovski Information Center - color charts, sizes, application instructions, crystal effects, definitions & explanation of Swarovski terminology.
  • SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS LIBRARY - detailed information on SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS catalog of products. Hard to find information including colors, effects, sizes for each item. Photos and line drawings included; essential to informed buying.
  • Swarovski Beads Catalog - Swarovski Beads is a large category of Swarovski Crystal Beads. Find all the in-depth details you need for each crystal bead, with images, sizes, colors.
  • Swarovski Buttons, Fasteners, & Zippers Catalog - Buttons, Fastener, Zipper is a large category of Swarovski . Find all the in-depth details you need for each button or zipper, with images, sizes, colors.
  • Swarovski Cupchains and Findings - Swarovski category Cupchains and Findings includes Single Stone Settings, Cupchains, Multi Stone Settings, Fancy Stone Settings, Channels, Metal Buttons and Filigrees, Rondelles, Linked Findings

Our Store

  • ClearlyHelena Eclectic Jewelry Store - come by and visit my store. It provides exclusively one-off Eclectic, sui generis works from jewelry to handicrafts. If you are not in the buying mood but feel like making your own, you are also welcome as I have written up notes on them in the Design Gallery section. I will also try to cater for your wholesale Swarovski needs, bringing you the best possible prices. Bulk deals (¼ packs) are normally also available or available upon request. You can be guaranteed of best prices and authenticity as I am an authorised CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS wholesaler.

Jewelry Making

  • BEADS - and there is endless range of colours, variety, shapes, sizes, uses, and materials of jewelry making beads. There are crystal beads, glass beads, metal beads, valuable metal beads, porcelain beads, gemstone beads, bone & ivory beads, and on & on. Amongst the most famous and sought after of crystal beads are the renown Swarovski crystal beads.  Their crystal beads are highly sought after due to their excellent crystal quality and cut, their super high brilliance, and the unwavering uniformity of each cut crystal bead.

  • Jewelry Making Supplies - here you will discover an ever-increasing and creative range of jewellery components that will not only make your work easier, but will absolutely beautify your end products. This covers the large gamut of all the supplies needs in relation to jewelry making from the multitude of Threads and Strings Materials, Jewelry Findings, Jewelry Tools, and even links to the most popular Jewelry Supplies Stores.

  • Jewelry Materials - articles on various precious metals, diamonds, gemstones, sterling silver, cubic zirconia, and many other materials used in jewelry making.

  • Fashion Jewellery - information on things you need and want to know, like what is the right bracelet length, a gold buying guide, what is lariat jewelry, what are the different lengths of necklaces, and much more. A reference catalogue of all things jewelry related.

  • Jewelry Design - a large and growing collection of jewelry design works, pulled together for fun and inspiration. A gallery of my own works as well and most with tips and how-to, recording how a certain item was created and what techniques were used. This gallery is truly useful for ideas, as springboards to new thoughts, and just gleaning tips that could come in very handy. Gallery covers more than making jewelry and includes other related fields like mix media, bags, wire work, felting, knitting, crochet, and so on.

  • HOW TO - this section is devoted to a compilation of tips and how to make jewelry techniques ranging from Beading, How to Finish, Free Jewelry Patterns, Knotting, Swarovski Application instructions, use of Tools, use of Wires, and lots of miscellaneous, useful info.

  • Jewelry Making Glossary - an essential reference. Like any industry, jewelry making is peppered with lots of terminology. This growing glossary helps to easily answer what is and get correct terms, spellings, meanings.

  • Making Jewelry Blog - the easiest way to see the latest new articles, updates, and what's new for this site.
  • Jewelry Packaging Boxes Supplies Displays - whether you are making that irresistable piece of jewellery for yourself, your family & friends, to sell, to exhibit, or just to pass the time, you will find that sooner or later, you will need and/or desire gift boxes, jewelry packaging, jewelry displays. And there is such a marvelous range of them these days.

  • Jewelry Making & Bead Magazines - these are marvelous sources of inspiration, know-how, and tips-n-tricks. Many are available online as e-books or e-course, many as traditional physical books & magazines. Some are more textual than illustrative, or vice versa. And many have beautiful designs ideas and creations that will truly inspire you from masterpiece to masterpiece.

Looking for different Books on Jewelry Making? Have a browse or do a search.

This fun library site is designed with the aim of bringing you a wealth of jewelry making related information, glossary of industry terms, to answer how-to and what-is questions. We will also be building for you Jewelers Design Gallery plus providing you with topic related links in your unending joyous search of jewelry-creativity building quest.

We will be constantly updating our site to bring you free patterns, facts & tips on all aspects of jewellery making, beads, & jewelry supplies.

We will also point you to where you can find the jewelry supplies and exotic beads that you need & want.

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