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Jewelry Making Supplies is an area that is expanding and expanding (with lots of Goodies and Must-Haves!). Fuelled by the easy dissemination of information on the internet, coupled with a rising awareness of the need to satsify soul rather than just money, work, and survival, the art and joy of jewelry making (and all artforms) have taken flight! And in turn, this has prompted creatives and entrepreneurs alike to supply us with even more ingeneous jewellery making tools and gadgets and beads and findings - all of which rapidly become Desirables and even Hust-Maves as our level of appreciation and expertise grows.

It is nigh impossible to list-n-tell all of the jewellery making supplies that are out there. Nor to show you all the amazing stores that can supply you. But you can be sure of one thing: I am an incorrigible avid collector and reader of information. And I will put all my yummy-goody finds here so you can easily go from here to your desired info or jewelry making supplies store(s).

The term "jewelery making supplies" cover so much: from jewelry beads; jewelry findings; jewelry tools, equipment, & gadgets, power tools, cordless tools, craftsman tools, grinder, hammers, hand tools, hardware stores, wrench, woodworking tools, router table, vises, tumblers, craft supplies, packagin, magnifiers, jewelers tools, wire, beading thread, displays, .... As you can see, can be quite over-whelming.

So I will try to categorize them as best I can so that they are easily found.

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Beading Thread & Jewelry Stringing Materials

Find Beading Thread or Stinging Materials
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Jewelry Tools

Search for your Jewelry Tools and Craft Tools
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