Jewelry Findings

Essential Backbone to Jewelry Making

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Jewelry Findings is synonymous with:
  • Jewellery Findings
  • Jewelry/Jewellery Making Findings
  • Jewelry/Jewellery Supplies
  • Jewellery/Jewelry Finding

To be really picky, "Jewelry Supplies" or "Jewelry Making Supplies" encompass more than Jewellery Findings - they include Beads, Jewelry Wire, Stringing and Bead Threads, Jewellers Tools, etc.

Jewelry Making Findings are essential however in the making of jewelry. They can also be found amongst craft supplies and scrapbooking supplies because they are often not just functional, but beautiful. And with the advent of heightened popularity in mixed media arts and crafts, the boundary between each distinct field of interest is no longer that clear nor important.

Brief Definitions

Findings: refers to tools and materials used by artisans, regardless of industry.
Jewelry Findings: component parts and pieces used to connect &/or decorate beads, wires, and chains in the creation of jewelery pieces.

Please refer to our Jewelry Making Glossary for more Beads &Jewelry Findings terms and definitions.

As with the preponderance of jewelry making beads, there are all kinds of wonderfully dizzyfying array, variety, and selection of Jewelry Making Supplies and Findings. They range the entire gamut from Size differences, Shapes, Colours, Materials, Quality,  and origins.

What follows is a growing variety of jewelry making supplies that you can find on the market today.  All can inspire you and some are so gob-smackiing beautiful that it pump your jewelry and crafty creative juices to the hilt.

Dizzying Variety of Jewelry Making Findings

Here is just a short list to get you juices going:

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Add to this bewilderingly exciting wide platter of choices, jewelry makers can also now choose the finishes to fit the exact look they want. Finishes from the traditional silver plated and gold plated finishes, to the increasingly popular antique or vintage finishes of copper, brass, bronze. And then there is also the black nickle, plain nickle, gun-metal, and colour-finished platings to happily choose from for all your jewellery finding needs.

Last but not least, there are the core jewelry materials to consider: sterling silver, vermeil, steel, brass, copper, iron. So you see, choices aplenty when it comes to Jewelry Findings to help you create just the look & feel you want!

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