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Clasps are jewelry fasteners that you can use to connect/end off your bracelets or necklaces. There are a huge variety of jewelry fasteners for different situations or just for different decorative purposes.

Jewelry clasps are not just functional components used to securely connect two ends of a necklace or other piece of jewelry. The purely functional ones are there for function only, with a subdued appearance that keeps them from overpowering the jewelry. Others are bold, stunning, &/or decorative and are used in innovative way as part of the jewelry's integral design.


When you are producing high-end jewelry with precious metals and more expensive beads, you will need clasps and fasteners that fit the top-end of the market. It is always unwise to expend good money for top-quality beads and then take the risk of using lower-end clasps which would detract from the final value and look of your finished piece.

Some types of clasps are more secure than others and some are more difficult to open and close without help from another person. Below are selection of clasps with their accompanying descriptions.

Box Clasps

Box ClaspsThe box clasp is a method of connecting two ends of a chain. One end has a box/housing with an opening which is notched/grooved on the top of the box. The other end has a flat piece of meta (the tongue)l which has been folded over to form a spring/lever. The folded metal spring or lever slips into the hole in the box with the end of the lever sticking out. The compressed spring holds the two ends in place. It is released by pressing the two ends of the lever together. Though not always, it is not uncommon for the connection to be reinforced by a figure 8 catch.
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