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Welcome if you have come to read about our JEM Library.  We set this site up because we have had a life-long interest in all things sparkly for jewelry making.  And since finding time to delve more into this fascinating artform, we realise that we will have to be students for life!!

As any of you who are interested in jewelry making must have found out for yourselves, the more you get into this, the more there seems to learn.  Isn't that so exciting?!  As there is an unending array of jewelry supplies that continuously get ingeneously created and come onto the market, it is very thrilling but also almost impossible to keep up with.

So this site was partially created as we found that oftentimes we ourselves needed to refresh ourselves on the myriad of jewellery terminology and how-to use and apply the endless array of jewelry findings.  So what better place than to have a site we can refer to at anytime.

We hope you too will enjoy and benefit from this collection of free information.  You can reach us either at www.jewelrymaking-beads-library or just, www.jemlibrary.com.  Bookmark us and visit us often for constantly updated information, ideas, design inspirations, and techniques.

Note:We do not ourselves sell any of these products shown on this site. We recommend you visit www.ClearlyChosen.com.au for an array of interesting and surprising jewlery making supplies.

If you have any comments, queries, feedback, or even complaints ... you can Contact Us.

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