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Closing with Style with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

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Swarovski Buttons and Fasteners

Swarovski crystal buttons, fasteners, and zippers are the premium range in closures. They add that final touch of excellence; they close with class!

The Crystal Buttons can be used as easily as standard ones. They apply to blouses & shirts; jackets & coats; everyday apparel & lingerie; denim and haute couture sporty ensemble; accessories; jewelry making. Application is either by hand or with a mechanical device.

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Swarovski Zippers

Swarovski Zippers are uniquely crystallized; uniquely stunning. Crystals are integrated into the teeth. They can be utilized exactly like standard zippers. Offered in black or white fabric.

Versions: Swarovski Zippers come in 3 different versions: Classic, Magic, and Brilliant.The Classic and Magic Zippers are recommended for outerwear only. The Brilliant Zippers are additionally recommended for shoes and accessories.

Pullers & Sliders: For some zippers, you can also choose "Zebra" - viz. with black puller & slider; or with white puller & slider. Below are some samples of what a "zebra" zipper looks like.

Swarovski Zebra Zipper Zebra with black puller and slider.

Swarovski Zebra Zipper Zebra with white puller and slider.

Lengths: The zippers also come in various lengths. Any length not offered or for those that are over 100cm, can be custom produced on request. Swarovski states that "over- or undersupply +/- 10% (of the length) is possible and has to be accepted".

Closed or Open Ended ZippersOpen/Closed Ended: The zippers can also come as Closed ended (closed at one end) or Open Ended (can be fully separated).

Zipper pullers can also be obtained separately. Apart from the conventional use, these are just great for crafts, jewelry making, clothing, bag accessories, mix media work, and so much more. To me, this is a most delicious item inadequately utilized in creative ways.

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Crystal Buttons

Swarovski Crystal Button 3015 Rivoli 3015 Rivoli Button
Swarovski Crystal Button 3024 Dufflecoat 3024 Dufflecoat
Swarovski Crystal Button 3093 Chessboard 3093 Chessboard Crystal Button

Buttons with Plastic Shank

Swarovski Crystal Button 1770 with Plastic Shank 1770

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