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fancy jewelry beadsBeads for Jewelry Making can be used on a wide variety of media; from paper to fabric. They do not even have to be sewn on - they can be pinned (as in the Victorian pincusions) or glued, or even soldered. To cater for the wide application and popularity of beads in jewelry making, interior design, fashion, accessories, and textiles there are now all kinds of wonderfully dizzyfying array, variety, and selection of beads - beads for jewelry making as well as other applications. They range the entire gamut from Size differences, Shapes, Colours, Materials, Quality, origins, and even the very history of the Jewelry Beads themselves.

Beads have long played an important role in the lives of many, since prehistoric times.  They have proved invaluable to historians and archaeologists in their studies to understand the evolution of human societies.  Beads have been used as a status symbol, as a measurement of wealth, and as a means of trading.  They were also objects of art and beauty and have long been used in the creation of wearable art.

Jewelry Making is no longer in the sole province of professional jewellery makers.  Jewelry Making has and is making a life-changing and welcomed entrance into many a person's life.  And together with that growth, the hungry demand for and innovative supply of Beads for Jewelry Making is also experiencing unprecedented heights.  Today we have more variety and availability than ever before - in jewelry making beads and all other related tools, jewelry equipment & supplies.

Our How To on Jewerly Making section provides many techniques on beading ranging from jewelry making to applications in other media and fields.  We aim to provide you with as much information as you can Enjoy and use.

Dizzying Variety of Jewelry Making Beads and Related Stones

Here is just a short list of Bead types to get you juices going:

buy Swarovski from Swarovski Authorized dealerTo buy Swarovski crystal and findings, why not pop over to my Clearly Chosen Swarovski Store. As a Swarovski authorized dealer (wholesale/retail), I can help you either search for and/or order in for you the Swarovski you need to find.  Feel free to use the free Library here to research for some of the hard-to-find Swarovski crystals.

Or Contact Me (new window) - please give me as much specifics as you can when enquiring after Swarovski, e.g. code number, size, color, effect.

Please note: apart from what is already in store, I deal mainly in Bulk Packs (¼ of full pack) or Full Packs (full factory packs), direct from Swarovski, Austria).

Crystal Effects
volcano crystal effectTo add to the wonderland of choices open to you, there is also the Crystal Effects to consider. The effects applied are also sometimes referred to as "coatings" or "finishes".  And even though crystal effects are the most commonly known, the coatings are applied not just to crystals but also to glass beads, pearls, and even acrylics.

Delve into the amazing world of Crystal Effects ..

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