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Jewelry Making is no longer in the sole province of professional jewellery makers.  Gone are the days where a girl (woman, man, &/or child) who wanted to feel and look good with a piece of jewelry, had to depend on the sole availability of what their local jewellers had to offer.  In today's faster & fuller access world, many people are making their own unique & distinctive statement via their own self-made jewelry pieces.  This has been made possible by the availability of Jewelry Making Beads and Jewellery Findings.  And lots and lots of people have taken to jewelry making with a passion.


The majority of home-grown and budding jewelry makers are females though it is no longer uncommon for males to take up this artform as well.  In fact, some of the best and most respected jewelry artisans are males.  This is true today as in was in the past.

Even little kids take to making some pieces of jewellery.  For many, it is just a trend but Fun Fun Fun.  For some, it is the discovery of hidden creative talents and the start of an illustrious and satisfyiing career.

It is not unusal to hear of people who have left high-flying corporate jobs when they discovered jewellery making. The stress of corporate life is replaced by the surprise of hidden creative abilities; the angst of the rat-race in the work place is soothed by the serenity and fulfillment of creating something uniquely beautiful with their own hands.  Many a person has or is, even right now, thinking of making beautiful things with their hands as their source of income.  Better yet, many have succeeded!

Whatever the reason, whoever the person, there is no denying that making jewelry has become more and more popular.  This is in no small part fueled by the immense and glorious variety of jewelry supplies now being made available.  The beauty, splendour, and variety of the jewelry making supplies fuels the drive, desire, and creativity of the jewelry makers ... which in turns fuels the every growing array, creations, and innovative offering by the beads & findings manufacturers.  It is the "Chicken or Egg" scenario - but both fuel each other most energetically.  Hence the jewellery making industry is growing by creative leaps & bounds.

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