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This Swarovski library is here, free, for your convenience. It contains lots of detailed information and images on SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS that is hard to find elsewhere. From a buying perspective, I know how hard it is at times to get detailed information and pictures to aid us in our purchasing needs which complements our contemplated projects. This library then is my effort to make accessing those hard-to-find details much easier and more complete. As long as I remain an authorized supplier, I will be able to bring you this much needed info. I will also be especially helpful to you if you are looking to buy Wholesale Swarovski crystals and findings - either in Bulk (¼ packs) or the Full Pack.

As of 2012, the correct branding in full, is "CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI┬« ELEMENTS ". (It was previously branded as Crystallized™ - Swarovski Elements (2007-2011).) This is a dual initiative promoting (1) global community who use the elements and (2) the elements themselves.



"CREATE YOUR STYLE is the global creative community of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the ultimate crystal brand. It connects like-minded people with a passion for expressing themselves through personal design."

As per their official Company Overview (Feb 2012, at: https://www.facebook.com/createyourstyle?sk=info)

buy Swarovski from Swarovski Authorized dealerTo buy Swarovski crystal and findings, why not pop over to my Clearly Chosen Swarovski Store. As a Swarovski authorized dealer (wholesale/retail), I can help you either search for and/or order in for you the Swarovski you need to find.  Feel free to use the free Library here to research for some of the hard-to-find Swarovski crystals.

Or Contact Me (new window) - please give me as much specifics as you can when enquiring after Swarovski, e.g. code number, size, color, effect.

Please note: apart from what is already in store, I deal mainly in Bulk Packs (¼ of full pack) or Full Packs (full factory packs), direct from Swarovski, Austria).


The Library is laid out to into the official categories. Whether you use me as your Swarovski Supplier or you go with another, each Swarovski Supplier has to work with the categories as officially laid out. By giving you these categories, it will make it easier for you to find what you need and as importantly, request the specific items from your supplier, giving them more specific information so that they can more effectively serve your needs and locate your desired item(s).

Some of Swarovski categories are Huge. For those, the links will open a new page so that all the information can be contained there. For the smaller categories, you will be able to find the links to specific articles directly from this page.

Use the index provided for faster navigation to the category of your choice. Enjoy your crystals!

Categories Index

Swarovski Beads
Swarovski Buttons, Fasteners, Zippers
Buttons,Fasteners, Zippers
Swarovski Crystal Mesh
Crystal Mesh
Swarovski Crystal Pearls
Crystal Pearls
Swarovski Crystal Yarn
Crystal Yarn
Swarovski Cupchains and Findings
Cupchains & Findings
Swarovski Fancy Stones and Settings
Fancy Stones & Settings
Swarovski Flatbacks Hotfix
Flat Backs Hotfix
Swarovski No Hotfix
Flat Backs No Hotfix
Swarovski Fusion Concepts
Fusion Concepts
Swarovski Knobs and Handles
Knobs, Handles
Swarovski Metal Trimmings
Metal Trimmings
Swarovski Pendants
Swarovski Plastic Trimmings
Plastic Trimmings
Swarovski Round Stones
Round Stones
Swarovski Self-adhesive Elements
Self-adhesive Elements
Swarovski Sew-on Stones
Sew-on Stones
Swarovski Synthetics Hotfix
Synthetics Hotfix
Swarovski Transfers
Swarovski Designer Editions
Designer Editions

Crystal Mesh

This is a fluid metal mesh carrier. It is integrated with Swarovski crystals. This mesh is also available in a Hotfix version.

  • Crystal Aerial Mesh
  • Crystal Aerial Mesh Motives
  • Crystal Mesh Metallisée
  • Crystal Mesh Motives
  • Crystal Mesh Standard
  • Crystal Mesh XL
  • Crystal Pearl Mesh
sub-category   code
Crystal Mesh XL Swarovski 40_100 Crystal Mesh XL sheets 40_100 (in sheets)
Crystal Mesh XL Swarovski 40_101 Crystal Mesh XL Sheets 40_101 (in sheets)

Crystal Pearls

Swarovski Pearl 5810 5810 Crystal Pearl
Swarovski Pearl 5811 5811 Crystal Pearl (large hole)

Swarovski's Crystal Pearl technology is the enviable secret behind their Crystal Pearls. They are called Crystal Pearls because each is created around a crystal core. It is this crystal core that give these pearls their ideal weight: the high specific gravity of these imitation pearls made of crystal gives these Crystal Pearls the same weight as cultured pearls. They also feel good to the touch and offer the special sensual experience valued by pearl lovers. Pearl coating is applied around the crystal core in flawless pearly layers. Not only does the crystal core give the pearl its ideal weight, but combined with its pearl coating, it cause the Crystal Pearl to glow from within.

Quality Standards of all Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Lustre Similar to natural pearl lustre
Surface Absolutely flawless
Colour Consistent colours
Perception Perfect adaptability to skin-warmth, like natural pearls
Weight Similar moderate weight to natural pearls
Resistance Resistant to perspiration, UV Rays, perfumes, scratches, washing

Flat Backs Hotfix

Flat Back Hotfix (HF) are loose crystal components with a flat reverse side. This flat side is pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. Flat Backs HF can be easily applied to a range of textile material, producing durable and long-lasting shimmering effect. They are available in a multitude of colours, sizes, and shapes.

Swarovski's XILION Rose is the most brilliant and most important in this group of products.

Swarovski Flat Back Hotfix 2028 XILION Rose 2028 XILION Rose HF
superceded by 2038
Swarovski Flat Back 2037 2037 Eclipse HF
Swarovski Flat Back 2038 2038 XILION Rose HF
Swarovski Flat Back 2039 2039 Ringed XILION Rose HF
Swarovski Flat Back 2080/4 Cabochon 2080/4 Cabochon HF
Swarovski Flat Back 2585 2585 Graphic HF
Swarovski Flat Back 2709 Rhombus 2709 Rhombus HF
Swarovski Flat Back 2788 Wave 2788 Wave HF

Flat Backs No Hotfix

Flat Back No Hotfix (NoHF) are loose crystal components. They have a platinum foiling on the back, giving them extra brilliance and protection. They are easy to apply.

Swarovski Flat Back No Hotfix 2028 XILION Rose 2028 XILION Rose
Swarovski Flat Back 2037 2037 Eclipse
Swarovski Flat Back 2080/4 Cabochon 2080/4 Cabochon
Swarovski Cosmic Flat Back 2520 2520 Cosmic Flat Back
Swarovski Cosmic Baguette Flat Back 2555 2555 Cosmic Baguette Flat Back
Swarovski Flat Back 2585 2585 Graphic
Swarovski Flat Back 2709 Rhombus 2709 Rhombus
Swarovski Flat Back 2788 Wave 2788 Wave
Swarovski Flat Back 2854 Butterfly 2854 Butterfly

Metal Trimmings

Metal Trimmings are metal carrier materials that have been integrated with Swarovski Chatons and/or Flat Backs. Can can be sewn on (hand or machine) or mechanically applied.

  • Chaton & Flat Back Bandings
  • Chaton & Flat Back Motives
  • Components


Swarovski Pendant 6010 Briolette 6010 Briolette
Swarovski Pendant 6039 Disk 6039 Disk
Swarovski pendant Rivoli 6200 6200 Rivoli
Swarovski pendant Heart 6221/4 6221/4 Heart
Swarovski Top Drilled Bicone 6301 6301 Top Drilled Bicone
Swarovski Coral Pendant 3 sprigs 6790 6790 Coral Pendant 3 sprigs
Swarovski Coral Pendant 2 sprigs 6791 6791 Coral Pendant 2 sprigs

Plastic Trimmings

  • Basic Bandings
  • Decorative Bandings
  • Elastic Bandings
  • Fishnet Bandings
  • Plastic Components

Round Stones

Round Stones are loose crystal components with a round view. They come in a range of different cuts, most notably the Swarovski XILLION Chaton - the next generation of brilliance.

Many of these stones come in either the Foiled (F) or Unfoiled (U) version. Read more about Foiling Effects for more information to help you make your choice.

Swarovski Round Stone Rivoli 1122 1122 Rivoli
(archived ver: Swarovski 1122)

Sew-on Stones

Sew On Stones are loose crystal components. They can be sewn on by hand or machine onto fabric, textiles, and/or accessories. They come with one or 2-holes.

Swarovski Sew-on Stone 3128 XILION Lochrose 3128 XILION Lochrose
Swarovski Sew-on Stone 3200 Rivoli 3200 Rivoli
Swarovski Sew-on Stone 3204 XILION 3204 XILION
Swarovski Sew-on Stone 3223 Navette 3223 Navette
Swarovski Sew-on Stone 3230 Drop 3230 Drop
Swarovski Sew-on Stone 3251 Space Cut 3251 Space Cut
Swarovski Sew-on Stone 3400 Square Lochrose 3400 Square Lochrose
Swarovski Sew-on Stone Margarita 3700 3700 Margarita
(archived ver: Swarovski 3700)



This is a growing library so not all the categories are complete. There is a LOT of information and this work takes time. However if you are truly desperate to find something and need info, if possible, I will push up the priority for information on that requested crystals or findings. Just drop me a comment at the bottom of the page.
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