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Gemstone beads, being made from semi-precious gemstones, naturally hold more than innate beauty.  They also hold all the depth of meanings associated with the gemstones.

Generally speaking, a gemstone is a stone that is rare, beautiful, and durable (resistant to brasion, fracturing, and chemical reactions.) Most gemstones have a good hardness and a fairly high index of refraction (sparkle).


gemstone beadsIt is widely, though not universally believed that gemstone have healing or theraupetic properties. Below are listed some of those associated properties.

  • Amazonite: Improves self worth/confidence
  • Amber: Lift heaviness, allowing happiness to come through
  • Amethyst: Spiritually uplifting and for effective communication
  • Apatite: For communication, clearing of misunderstandings
  • Hematite: For protection from the negative emotions of others; establishes strong connection between our body & inner spirit

Cubic Zirconias (CZ)
It is a general practice where you will find that Cubic Zirconia beads & jewellery are classified under & accepted as (synthetic) gemstones.

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