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Toggle clasp (also known as "toggle") is a two-piece clasp that is attached to opposite ends of a piece of jewelry. One section of the clasp has an open center (round, square, oval, or some other shaped-opening). The other half is a T-bar that attaches to the components at the other end. You insert the "T" into the hole which holds the worn jewelry in place.


Toggles that have square or oval openings/holes are easier to get on and off, and are also more secure, than round ones.

toggle claspToggle clasps are one of the most popular jewelry closures/jewelry clasps around - both for their functionality and for their contribution to the overal design of the piece of jewelry. They are very easy to put on and take off - which is always helpful when you don't want to or can't fiddle with clasps that have little spring mechanisms. They can be also very sturdy and very attractive.

These kinds of clasps are widely used to secure bracelets, anklet, and necklaces, but jewelry artisans also incorporate them into their necklace designs. They are also great as "secure point" in a lariat. And if you have an especially interesting or attractive toggle, then in the design of your necklaces, the clasp can be designed to rest to the side or at the bottom of pendants, rather than at the back.

How to Finish with a Toggle Clasp
Always make the end-side of the jewellery where the toggle-bar is going to be, is a bit longer and narrower than what you normally might have with other types of clasps. With toggles, you will always need a bit of extra length to maneuver the T-bar through the opening of the other end of the toggle when putting on & taking off. Also make sure that the beads right near the T-bar are not so large that they would hinder the movement of the T-bar through the hole/opening of the toggle.

Purchase & Storage of Toggle Clasps
It is always important to buy toggle clasps as sets. Sets of toggles are designed to go together. Sometimes when the T-bar is off by even 1mm, the whole clasp might not work right or be sufficiently secure.

Which also means that when you are storing your Toggle clasps, always ensure you store them as sets so that you don't get confused later when you are ready to use them.

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