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From the ancient Greek mythologies have sprung Greece jewellery findings with enduring symbols and meanings that have spread across the world & different cultures. Greece is famous for its rich culture, background, ancient history ... and very much so ... for its depth & wealth of mythology.

Many of these gorgeous symbols have been employed through the centuries to grace our jewellery, accessories, and fabrics.
They are inspirational. Incoporate them into your own creations to bring flare, individuality, and uniquess to your own ideas & styles.


Greek Symbols & Meanings - Echo and Narcissus

Ancient Greek Symbols

Here is a collection from Hellenistic mythology & symbols for your enjoyment.

Snakes (in general)

Snake symbols can be found in religious systems all around the ancient world. Often the snakes are believed to be incarnations of the dead and symbolize immortality by the fact that they shed their skins and regularly renew themselves.

Ourorboros (OO-ran-ohs)

The symbol of a circled snake devouring its own tail is not unique to any one religion or culture. The term 'ourorboros' comes from the Greek for 'tail eater', but this image is seen in various other myths as well. The symbol may not represent a specific mythos, but does symbolize the endless circle of time, regeneration and harmony.

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