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Necklace or Pendant Bails

There are many types of bails, from the very simple snap-on necklace bails to the very elaborate and fanciful larger bails. The snap-on bails are the simplest to use and are the most common and popular. They merely open up, clipping onto the ring or loop of your pendant and then onto the necklace chain itself.

Other types of bails could include the triangle bail, the pinch bail (prong bail) which when large enough, could most attractively be used as a bead-hugger for a treasured, focal bead.


necklace bails fancy magnetic necklace bail

Nowadays, there are also the very lovely reusable bails that have a magnetic fastener and occasionally with an extra loop on the bail itself so that you can attach futher beads, charms, or dangles from the bail itself.

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