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Much as I wish I was affiliated to these jewellery supplies stores, I am not. (I will tell you if I am affiliated to any or if it is my store). The listing here is for your convenience. These jewelry making supplies stores are either some of the most popular, have the most well stocked jewelry supplies, and/or have something truly unique and unusual to offer you.

"Jewellery Supplies stores" includes stores that offer beading supplies, craft supply, scrapbooking, wire and related equipment, beading threads and stringing materials, beads & findings, etc.

Most of the jewelry making supplies stores offer local and international shipping. However for obvious reasons, customers still prefer to get what they can locally. So for that reason, I have sectioned off, where possible, by country.

Jewelry Supply Stores are listed by Store Names, alphabetically. It is not an indication or popularity nor preference.

USA - Jewellery, Beading, Craft Supplies Store

This is a growing list. I will add to the jewellry supplies store list as and when I come across quality ones. Where useful, I will attach some notes for you.
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