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By the time you land here, I am sure that you already have some pliers of your own. And you might have come across some other specialized ones you are wondering of, if not desirous for. I don't blame you coz I love mine, I want to have more. And it is because the right ones can make such a Big difference to your finished product. AND it makes the jewelry making (or craft work) so much more enjoyable.

And dare I confess it? Just touching my quality pliers give me a thrill of pleasure. Yes, I am made up strangely that way.

The Importance of Correct Quality Tools

Using the correct jewelry plier will give you professional finished crimps, neater loops and coils. It will save you injury arising from the use of inappropriate tools, and to me, the best of all - it makes the whole work process so much smoother and much more fun, every step of the way.

General Purchase Considerations

Q. Should I buy a longer or a shorter nose plier?
Generally speaking, longer nose pliers give you more reach. However the shorter ones offer more strength and stability. You will find you have a need of both at different times. Ideally, it would be great to have both types. But if you can't at the moment, then go for the one that fulfills most of your needs now.

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