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Is there a difference between memory wire cutters and just wire cutters? You bet!

Memory wire, also know as Remembrance wire is made from hard temper wire: wire that is specially hardened and designed to retain its shape. Though you can use wire cutter to cut them, you will find that it will notch, mar, and damage your wire cutters over time. Even if you use the tough, heavy duty wire cutters. And with any wire cutters, you will also find that the memory wire tends to spring back and stab you.

This will not happen if you use purpose-designed memory wire cutters (also known as memory wire shears). They will save your hands from a lot of pain. The memory wire shears will give you a very nice, smooth, clean cut - and no flying bits! And believe it or not, you will be able to cut effortlessly with a resultant nice, smooth, clean cut.

Some Memory Cutters for your consideration. Look for easy ergonomic grip, and carbine or toughened jaws.
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It is definitely worth getting yourself memory wire cutters, especially if you work with a lot of hard wires and memory wires.

You can use memory wire cutters to cut not just hardened memory wires, but other wires too (hard and soft). So it is just bonus-bonus all round. And believe me, your fingers and hands will so thank you.

Q. How do you finish off the ends of your memory wire?
You can form simple loops as a means to end off the tips of your memory wire piece of jewelry. With this method, you can easily dangle more beads, charms, or stones from the formed loops.
Alternatively, you can use a round or cone-shaped memory wire end cap.

Secure the cap on with a dab of glue. For best result, sandpaper across the cut end of the wire before gluing. This will provide extra traction.

You can also read more about memory wires here.

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