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Finishing memory wire with rolled ends is the easiest way to securely end off the ends in a memory wire project. The beginning and ending loops you make helps to stop your beads from sliding off.


memory wire

You can also buy special end caps that can be glued on at the end of the wires to finish it.

Tools Needed
  • Memory wire cutter (or strong wire cutters)
  • strong round nose pliers
  • memory or remembrance wire coils
1) With your memory wire cutter, cut the required number of coils for your design. (Usual number is about 3 coils but that is really up to your design requirements.) memory wire / remembrance wire
2) Make a loop at one end of the wire using your strong Round Nose Pliers. (Do not use a delicate pair or pliers as this is very strong wire). memory wire / remembrance wire
3) Thread on the beads for your design.  Leave about 6-7 mm wire at the end.  Make an ending loop in the same way as  your did before. memory wire / remembrance wire
4) (optional) You can thread the beginning and ending loop wit a bead dangle. (Usually made with a bead(s) and a head pin).  

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