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Graphic Bead 5520

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Swarovski Graphic Bead with its spectacular irregular flat cuts gives off brilliant light reflectiions in endless show of stunning magnificence. Large and spectacular - ideal as centerpieces of eye-catching glory.

In the latest catwalks, cystal textile applications was everywhere and jewellery tended to be expressed as extremely oversized and eye-catching showpieces - like earrings, cocktail rings, brooches, necklaces, bangles. The Graphic bead is one of the large bead range that is superlative in its brilliance and size.

As with all Swarovski crystal beads, the precision cuts and lead content guarantees you the best brilliance and amazing perfections. This is part of the Crystallized™ - Swarovski Elements.


Swarovski Graphic Bead 5520 Swarovski Graphic Bead 5520

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5520 graphic crystal bead

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