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Feb 2012: This is an archived page. Please refer to SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Library for the full updated version.

swarovski crystal beadsSwarovski's Beads are very popular and easy to use. They are available in the latest fashion colours, effects, and cuts. Easily used in a wide variety of applications.

We will collect a list of product items here for you for your easy reference. They will be sorted by their Codes. Not every bead has a name but when they do, we will include it. Click on the code-link for more details of each crystal bead.

Swarovski Beads 5000 5000 Round
Swarovski Disco Ball 5003 5003 Disco Ball
Swarovski Helix Beads 5020 5020 Helix Bead
Swarovski Round Disc Beads 5100 5100 (Disc/Flat Round)
Swarovski Modular Beads 5150 5150 Modular Bead
Swarovski Keystone Beads 5181 5181 Keystone Beads - 2 holes
Swarovski Faceted Oval 5200 5200 Faceted Oval
Swarovski bicone Beads 5301 5301 Bicone bead
Swarovski rondelle bead 5308 5308 (Rondelle)
Swarovski Graphic Bead 5503 5520 Graphic Bead
Swarovski Cosmic Bead 5523 5523 Cosmic Bead
Swarovski Aquiline Bead 5530 5530 Aquiline Bead - center hole
Swarovski Aquiline Bead 5530 5531 Aquiline Bead - top hole
Swarovski Butterfly Bead 5754 5744 Flower Bead
Swarovski Flower Bead 5744 5754 Butterfly Bead

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