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S Hooks / S Clasps - comprises of a central S-shaped component.  Jumprings (attached to the main jewellery piece) is then fastened to the central S-part.  Usually one side of the S is left permanently closed and only the other part of the S is used to secure/unsecure the closing of the clasp.
(see full article on the many Types of Jewelry Clasps)

sand-cast beads - (see Ghanaian powder-glass beads)

Side Cutters (pliers) - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

Slide Lock Clasps - (see Tube Bar Clasps)

spacer bead - Small beads used as accents and to separate larger beads.  Sometimes referred to as a filler bead.

silver-gilt - (see Vermeil)

Snake chain - Like the omega chain, the snake chain (also known as Brazilian chain) is also not made up of traditional linked rings. It is instead of made up of round wavy smooth metal plates joined so that it forms a flexible tube. It got its name fromt the fact that the end result looks like a smooth, sleek snake skin from the wavy joins.
(see full article on Jewelry Chains)

Jump Rings jumpringsSplit Rings - serve a similar function as jumprings. The splitrings are however more secure and resemble littke key rings.  Splitring pliers make them much easier to work with.
(see full article on Jump & Split Rings)

Splitring Pliers - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

spring end - Spring end connectors are the jewelry findings that are most often used to put a good finish to thick cord or leather jewelry pieces.
(see more information on how to use spring ends)
(see also leather crimps)

Spring Ring Clasps - usually round but can come in any shape, these clasps relies on an internal spring mehanism to open and close the opening in the clasp.
(see full article on the many Types of Jewelry Clasps)

Square Knot - (see Reef Knot)

Standard Silver - (see Sterling Silver)

Sterling Silver -
(see full article on Sterling Silver)

Swarovski channelSwarovski Channels - are unfoiled round or fancy stones that are encircled with metal whilst allowing light through, shinning and lighting up the stones.
(see full article on the many Connectors)


Thong Ends - (see Cord Ends)

Thread Condition - is used to condition thread so that they are stonger and easier to work with. Beeswax can also be used.

Threadder Earring - see Ear Threader

Tigertail - (also spelt Tiger Tail) like beading wire, is made up of multiple strands of very find wire, that is usually twisted together and then coated with nylon or plastic.  The nylon/plastic comes in a variety of colours and also provides strength, durability, and resistance to wear and abrasion.
(see article on Beading Wire and Tigertail)

Toggle Clasps - a very popular clasp due to its simplicity in use for the wearer.  They consist of a T-bar which is hooked into the other loop part of the clasp.  The loop part can come in many shapes from round, square, oval, heart, and many other shapes.
(see full article on the many Types of Jewelry Clasps)

Tube Bar Clasps - (aka Slide Lock Clasps) consists of 2 parts.  One one is slid into the other and will lock in place.  Some of these come with a magnetic feature, thereby offering further security.
(see full article on the many Types of Jewelry Clasps)

Twist Rope chain - a popular variation on the rope chain.
(see full article on Jewelry Chains)

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Venetian Link Chain - The venetian link chain is like a flattedn Box Chain.  It too is made up of box links.
(see full article on Jewelry Chains)

vermeil - Sterling silver coated with gold with a minimum or 10-carat & 1.5 micrometer thickness. More on vermeil ...
Also know as silver-gilt, gold vermeil, gilded siver.

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wheat chainWheat Chain - Wheat Chains are normally created with four stands of oval and twisted oval links. These strands are braided and woven together to make a stunning chain of great visual texture.
(see full article on Jewelry Chains)

Wire Gauge - is a measurement of the diameter thickness of beading wires, metal and jewelry wire, and tigertails.
(see handy Wire Gauge conversion table)

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Xilion Rose - Swarovski's flat back crystal component that has the intensely brilliant XILION cut. Swarovski holds the copyright to the XILION cut and XILION rose is exclusively only from Swarovski.
(see fuller article on Xilion)

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