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Magic Bead (see Miracle Bead)

Magnetic Clasps - uses a strong magnetic piece embedded in the clasp to very easily and securely hold a piece of jewellery secure and closed.  Very popular for people who find the fiddly bits of the other types of clasps too hard to manage.
(see full article on the many Types of Jewelry Clasps)

Mandrel - (see Jewelers Mandrel)

Memory Wire - Memory Wire - a wire that never loses it shape. It is also sometimes called "Chain Wire" or "Remembrance Wire".
(Read full article on Memory Wire)

Memory Wire Cutters - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

Millesimal Fineness - (often just referred to as "fineness")
This is a system to denote the purity of a precious metal (by parts per thousand) in an alloy. This includes precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver.  For example, an alloy containing 75% pure gold is denoted as "750" fineness.

Millesimal fineness if usually rounded to a three figure number, especially when used as a hallmark or quality mark.

The millesimal fineness system is an extension of the older karat system.
(Read full article on Sterling Silver)

Miracle Bead - vivid coloured beads made from plastic and fiberglass materials. Has layers of reflective coating, finished by a clear outer coating producing the illusion of bead within bead look. It also glows in natural light.
(see full article on Miracle Bead)

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Necklace Extender Chain (see Extender Chain)

Nippers (pliers) - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

Nylon Jaw Pliers - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

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Oblique Cutters/Nippers (pliers) - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

Omega Chain - An omega chain is unlike normal chains in that, instead of a series of linked rings, it is make up of smooth rounded metal plates which are set side by side, on a wire or woven mesh. The embedded wire or woven mesh provides the strength and yields a fairly stiff but flexible chains.
The snake chain is a variation of the omega chain.
(see full article on Jewelry Chains)

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Parallel Pliers - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

Parrot Clasps - (see lobster clasps)

pearls - (see full article on pearls)

peening - hammering to spread the surface of metal; will also work harden the metal in the process.

pliers - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

powder-glass beads - (see Ghanaian powder-glass beads)

Pull Through Earrings - see Ear Threader

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Reamer - are used to clear and smooth the holes in beads to decrease the wear and tear on threads.

reef knotReef Knot - aka square knot, is a simple binding knot. This is not a knot to be used when you require secure knot as it can easily untie and/or slip. However it has a visually appealing symmetry and is one of the key decorative knots used in macrame and decorative jewelry knotting.
(see full article on How to Knot a Reef Knot)

Remembrance Wire - (see Memory Wire)

rivoli - these are round stones. They are faceted, front and back (looking line cones each side). The back is normally foiled to increase light reflection. If it is a clear stone, it is sometimes referred to as headlight stones. Rivoli is a sub-type of chaton, though it is at times used interchangeably.

rolo chainRolo Chain - A rolo chain is made up of symmetrical links (usually round or oval) that are connected together.
(see full article on Jewelry Chains)

rope chainRope Chain - A rope chain consists of oval links that are linked so that they produce a woven rope arising from the resultant spiral effect.
(see full article on Jewelry Chains)

repousse - [Audio - repousse] Metal working technique, working on the reverse side to create low refief.
(see it's opposite "chasing")

Rondelle - (aka roundel, rondelle bead, roundel bead) - A rondelle is a small disc (like a flattened ball  or saucer space) used as a spacer in beadwork. Some rondelles are clear crystal discs, often used between colored crystal beads. Other rondelles are encircled with chanel-set diamonds or rhinestones. It is also often spelled "roundel."
(see also Spacer Bead)

Rosary Pliers - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

Rose - loose crystal components with a flat back (Example Swarovski's XILION Rose)

Round Nose Pliers - (see full article on Jewellery Pliers)

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