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Purple Velvet 277

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Purple Velvet (277)

This Swarovski colour is from the Exclusive Range from Crystallized™ - Swarovski Elements.

Purple Velvet is a deep rich, royal and intensely romantic purple with silken depths. This is one of the most popular colours among Swarovski enthusiasts. Many a person have enquired and wanted to know what articles/items Swarovski produces in this colour. One would hope a lot but unfotunately that does not seem to be the case.


Swarovski Purple Velvet colour As per information from Swarovski (July 2008), only the following articles are available in Purple Velvet:

  code   Availability
Swarovski Beads 5000 5000 Round 8mm in Purple Velvet AB is only available on *Special Production
Swarovski Helix Beads 5020 5020 Helix Bead the 3mm & 4mm are Discontinued - ie Swarovski will no longer produce them in this colour. So if you find them, grab them!!

(As of this writing in July 2008, ClearlyChosen has secured for themselves some of the only remaining available 3 & 4mm Helix 5020)
Swarovski 5040 5040 (rondelle)  
Swarovski bicone Beads 5301 5301 Bicone bead On *Special Production only for the following:
  • 4mm in Purple Velvet AB2X
  • 6mm in Purple Velvet AB2X
  • 8mm in Purple Velvet AB

(ClearlyChosen does have some of this at time of writing in Jul 08)
Swarovski bicone Beads 5301 5601 Cube  

* Special Production - Swarovski charges a surchage on most standard quantity orders

If you are looking for Purple Velvets, you will want to check out ClearlyChosen who has secured and continue to stock more of this exquisite colour.

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