Swarovski Spacer Rondelle

Spacer Rondelle 77504-77510

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Swarovski Rondelles 77504 to 77510 are identical in design and shape. Each product code denotes the diffent stone sizing, and hence the different final size of the final item.


Swarovski Spacer Rondelle 77504-77510 Most of the Stone Colours are available for these items. Enquire of your supplier or ClearlyChosen Buying Guide for the colour and sizing you would like.

These rondelles are also from Brass (default) or in Sterling Silver (by request). They can be plated with the following options:

  • Z No Plating
  • G Gun Metal Plating
  • S Sterling Silver 15 Mil
  • 3 Gold 3-5 Mil
Item Number Stone Size Outer Item Diameter
PP13 - 1.90–2.00 mm
4 mm
PP16 - 2.20–2.30 mm
5 mm
PP20 - 2.60–2.70 mm
PP24 - 3.00–3.20 mm
6 mm
PP24 - 3.00–3.20 mm
7 mm
PP24 - 3.00–3.20 mm
8 mm
PP24 - 3.00–3.20 mm
9 mm
PP25 - 3.20–3.30 mm
10 mm

Swarovski Spacer Rondelle 77504-77510

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