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Cantaloupe 540

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Cantaloupe (540)

Like the Alexandrite, this Swarovski colour is truly one of the most amazing & mesmerising. This amazingly incredible colour is able to change its colour depending on the lighting available. It can change from hues of green to tan - just like the real (fruit) cantaloupe comes in those 2 colours.

Unfortunately and again like the Alexandrite, this is not an easy colour to get - in particular the various sizes. Not as hard as Alexandrite to source but still not easy..


In the popular bicone, ClearlyChosen in Australia has been able to source and supply the 5301 Swarovski bicones in various sizes (tho not as much as they would like to be able to). At the time of writing (Aug 08), they seem to have the 5301s in 4mm and 6mm. Unfortunately the 5mm, 8mm, & 10mm were not obtainable.

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