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Alexandrite 503

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Alexandrite (503)

This Swarovski colour is truly one of the most amazing & mesmerising one from Swarovski. Like the Cantaloupe colour, this amazingly incredible colour is able to change its colour depending on the lighting available. It can change from hues of ligth blue to gentle and glorious hues of violets and purple.


Swarovski Alexandrite colourUnfortunately (and mysteriously), this is called a 'non-standard' colour. By that Swarovski means that this is not a normal production colour and hence is not readily available. Currently (as of July 2008), they have some stock available left in Austria but of very limited quantities. Once this stock is sold out, to actually order this colour again, one has to put in a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) minimum order for Swarovski to produce it again. This minimum quantity is way beyond the means of most users and small retailers.

Of the current stock that Swarovski still has available (but dwindling each day), ClearlyChosen has secured for its customers whatever it could. So if you love this colour (and you definitely will when you see it in real life!) ... you will want to hurry over to ClearlyChosen and grab some for yourself before they too sell out.

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