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Simply Rapt! Wire Wrapped Ring with Swarovski #13304 Navette

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After I labored with my first Swarovski Navette wire-wrapped jewelry ring (Metallic Starlight ring) , I decided that the crispness of the Navette stone also called for a simpler style. And so was born this Simply Rapt ring.

Simply Rapt Wire Wrapped Jewelry Ring

The Swarovski 13304 Navette single stone setting, with it’s 2 hole setting, was just a pure temptation to make a ring band that would utilize and engage the holes into a less common band style.

Simply Rapt Wire Wrapped Jewelry Ring

Jewelry Ring Work Details and Photos

Using 2 ball head-pins, one through each of the holes in the navette setting, and in opposite directions, I fastened them on by ending the head-pin with a wire-wrapped, closed loop. (The loops are essential to attach to band).

Simply Rapt Wire Wrapped Jewelry Ring

The band is made using 2 pieces of wire, held closely and parallel to each other. This is curved over a ring mandrel for the desired size. Then each end of the dual-wire is put through the loops formed earlier with the head-pin.

Simply Rapt Wire Wrapped Jewelry Ring

Fasten off and firmly attach to the navette stone with decorative swirls

Work harden the wire on the band – put it over the ring mandrel and lightly but repeatedly hammer.

Materials for Jewelry Ring

Swarovski (Navette 13304), Silver (over brass) wires {anti-lead, anti-nickel)

Ring Size: USA 5, Australia J 1/2 (1 15/16 inch, 49mm)

Status (ch0237)
31 Jan 2012

Simply Rapt Swarovski Navette Ring

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