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This collection of free jewelry patterns for beading, jewelry making, and all round how to make jewelery is a never-ending collection. So remember to bookmark or just come back often!

Some of these come to you direct from CREATE YOUR STYLE with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and they are a real treat! The jewelry making instructions, if in .pdf form, can either be viewed online or download to your computer. It makes it that much easier to keep and/or print.

FREE Jewelry Making Patterns/Tutorials


"Little Miracles - Beading on a Grand Scale" set

This set of free jewelry making instructions - complete with images and diagrams, and created by CREATE YOUR STYLE, explores the sparkling possibilities of creating brilliance with Swarovski's smallest of beads - the Swarovski Crystal Bead 5000 Round. It is a wondrous journey of opening your creativity to more possibilities by using these small miracles on a grand scale. Each .pdf is a complete how-to guide.

The Swarovski Crystal Bead 5000 Round comes in a huge array of colors, sizes. The linked page has all the relevant details.

Click on thumbnail images to view a larger photo. All the .pdf links below open in a new window. You can also save it (righ click > save as ...)

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