End Bar in Multistrand Jewelry

Using End Bar to Finish a Multistrand piece

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You can use calotte to create a multistrand jewellery item, or via the use of a cone. You can also use an end bar at each end for an even more decorative effect.  If you have a fastener with several integral loops, then that could be used to replace using separate end bars for a similar appearance.


multirow fastener End bars come  in  a huge range of designs and shapes, providing you a wide possibility of different looks using the same technique below.

Tools Needed
  • Beading wire
  • Wire cutter
  • French crimps (or crimp beads)
  • 2 end bars (or a multi-row fastener)
  • Crimping pliers or flat-nose pliers
1) If you are making a bracelet, it is easier if you crimp your wires to the loops of one end bar before threading your beads onto the wire. Otherwise you can choose to thread your beads before crimping each of the wires onto the end bar.
end bar
2) Once your beads are threaded and in place, use more crimps to attach the wires to the other end bar.  Thread the leftover wire back into some of the beads to hide the end wires. Use a wire cutter to cut off any unsightly wire leftover.

3) Attach a fastener of your choice to your end bar.
end bar

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