Calotte Multistrand Jewelry

Using Calottes to Finish a Multistrand piece

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Finishing with a calotte crimp or finishing with a clamshell criimp will give a professional smooth finish to your creations. Calottes are usually used to finish single strand jewelry pieces but they can easily be used effectively for multistrand pieces. 


calotte crimp multistrand jewelry You will need a larger calotte so that it can easily cover over knots or cimps that are joining the multistrand together.

Calotte crimps or clampshell crimps are most often used with flexible beading wire but it can also very effectively be used with strong threads.

The steps here are shown using a calotte crimp but they can be easily apply using clamshell crimps.

Tools Needed
  • French crimps (aka crimp beads)
  • wire cutter (like memory wire cutter)
  • tape (optional)
  • 2 calottes
  • flat nose pliers
  • fastener/clasp
1) When you have multistrands of wire/threads, it is a good idea to use 2 French crimps to securely the threads together.
Clip the ends of the wire threads after flattening the crimp beads.
Put a calotte around them.
calotte crimp
2) Using a pair of flat-nosed pliers, squeeze the calotte closed tightly but without damaging the thread.

3) Repeat on the other end of the multistrand piece.
calotte crimp
3) After that, apply the fastener of your choice to finish off your piece. calotte crimp

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