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Swarovski Zippers are unique. They have Swarovski crystals integrated into the zippe teeth. They can be used in the same way of normal zippers. These zippers come in different versions:

  • Classic - recommended for outerwear only
  • Magic - recommended for outerwear only
  • Brilliant - recommended for outerwear, shoes, and accessories

More Details and Updated information can be found at my dedicated Swarovski Library or go directly to the Swarovski Zipper-Puller section.

Swarovski ZippersSwarovski ZippersThese Swarovski zippers come in white, black, and black and white fabric.

In addition to these remarkable, eye-catching range, are also various types of zipper pullers which, as part of their beauty and verstaility, can also be used as phone and bag tags, as well as delightfully unusual and striking components in jewelry making.

We will collect a list of product items here for your easy reference. They will be sorted by their Codes. Not every item has a name but when they do, we will include it. Click on the code-link for more details of each item..

Swarovski Classic Puller 80120 80120 Classic Puller

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