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60879 Metal Button

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Swarovski item 60879 is classified as a 'metal button' in Swarovski's terminology. But as you can clearly see, it is much more than a button. Acting as a sparkly, fully crystal encrusted metal component, with 2-rings, it is beautifully ideal as charms, earring drops, necklace drops, and as sophisticated jewellery link connectors.


Swarovski button 60879 It features a central (1028 stone art no.) stone surrounded by 8 small (1028 stone art no.) stones in a round, eternal layout.

This product features 2 rings ring configuration with closed backing. This item is available in most of the Swarovski Stone colours and various platings.

Crystal Stone Sizes available: P32 (4.00–4.10 mm) - center &
P18 (2.40–2.50 mm) - surround

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