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11104 Baguette

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Swarovski item 11104 is a Single Stone Setting featuring a stunning cut Baguette stone in a Baguette 4-prong setting. 2 stone sizes are available and a number of different, interesting and useful setting configurations.


Swarovski Single Stone Setting 11104

As of July 2008, we have been advised that Swarovski has discontinued all production of this item.
ClearlyChosen is still offering a few packs of this item.

Base item number 11104 tells you that:
  • 1 - it is from Swarovski's Single Stone Settings category
  • 1 - has Baguette stone
  • 1 - set in a baguette shaped setting
  • 04 - has four prongs in the setting

Fixed features of this item are:
  • Stone Shape: Baguette (Stone Art No. 4501)
  • Back Configuration: (C) closed (ie not see through)

Specifying the Variable Features you want (as per below) would definitely help your supplier find the item you want much faster.

Variable Features available:

  • stone colour & effects: see Stone colours for choice of crystal colours and effects
  • metal plating:
    · (G) Gun Metal
    · (H) Rhodium 3-5 Mil
    · (S) Sterling Silver 15 Mil
    · (3) Gold 3-5 Mil
  • base metal: by default, it will be Brass. But customers can request Sterling Silver if they choose (prices vary of course!)
  • Stone Size: 2 stone sizes available - (05M) 5x2.5 mm or (07M) 7x3 mm
  • Ring Configuration: For either size, you can request (1T) 1 Ring, or (TB) 2 Ring - top & Bottom

Ring Configuration Back Configuration
Swarovski Single Stone Setting 11104

Swarovski Single Stone Setting 11104
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