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37720 Circle (part of Cupchains and Findings)

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The Swarovski Crystal 37720 Circle is part of Swarovski's Cupchains & Findings > Multi Stone Settings category. The Swarovski 37720 Circle is a versatile large ring that is fully adaptable to a number of designs. It has the allure of the endless circle and is a classic shape for traditional to modern designs.

Common mis-spelliings:
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Available Plating Options

  • (G) Gun Metal
  • (S) Sterling Silver 15 Mil
  • (3) Gold 3-5 Mil

Use the complete details that follow to help you enjoy and choose the perfect Swarovski Crystal for you projects.

Swarovski Multi Stone Settings 37720 Circle

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Swarovski 37720 Circle Swarovski 37720 Circle

Swarovski Multi Stone Settings 37720 Circle - Sizes

Swarovsky Multi Stone Settings 37720 Circle is currently only available in one size: 21.4 mm (Stone size: PP18)

Packing Unit

There are 144 pcs per full factory pack from Swarovski.

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