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The correct ring size is important to ensure a perfect fit whether you are shopping for yourself or a present for someone else. You can either use a good-fitting ring or by measuring the finger in question.

Measuring an existing ring

jewelry ring mandrel

Place a fitting ring on a professional ring mandrel.
(Click on image of mandrel to view details).

You can also slide ring onto a tapered candle or carrot, mark where it comes to rest easily, and measure the circumference at that point.

Ring Mandrels and Ring Sizers

There are many available tools to help you correctly size your rings. They come in light-weight, durable plastic or solid steel ones which can also be used to wire-wrap. The ring mandrels will help you correctly size and even shape your rings. The ring sizers are useful to measuring the finger sizes.

Measuring the finger

ring size strip

You can use a finger size strip to wrap around your finger to get the correct measurement. if you don't have one, then measure as follows:

  1. Using a piece of string or strip of paper (no wider than 1/4 inch), wrap it around your finger.
  2. Mark the point where the two ends meet - this gives you the circumference of your finger. Measure this against a ruler in either inches or mm. You now have the circumference of your finger.
  3. Divide the circumference by 3.14 to get the diameter of your finger.
  4. Use the diameter measurement to get your finger size using the International Ring Size Conversion chart below.

See more Useful Tips on measuring your finger size.

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

(This chart provides some of the more popular internationally recognized sizes.)

Click on chart to view full details.

international ring size chart guide

Tips for Measuring Ring Finger Size

  1. Temperature, humidity, and exercise can affect your finger size.
    Best to measure finger at room temperature, at the end of the day (when finger is largest).
    Do not measure after a hot shower, time outdoors in winter, or immediately after exercising.
  2. Advisable that women do not measure during their menstrual cycle. Due to water retention, finger may be larger and could result in a loose fit.
  3. Measure around widest part of finger. For e.g. if finger joints are prominent.
  4. For a more accurate measurement, visit a jeweler to get your finger sized.

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