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How to make a Y-Necklace (lariat) with a single thread

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Though this shape is really a Y-necklace, you will also find it referred to as a lariat. Our Lariat Jewellery article elaborates more about each.


Y-necklace lariat necklace Here are an illustration to create a Y-lariat necklace using a single strand or wire or thread.

Tools Needed:
  • beading wire or thread
  • beads and fasteners
  • wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors
  • crimping pliers and/or flat-nosed pliers
1) Cut a lenght of your stringing material.  Allow a generous length for your drop (at least twice the length of your drop).

2) Bead a small, strong bead into the middle.  Then with the 2 thread ends together, double-thead through the beads you want for the central drop.  The initial small bead will hold the other beads in place.
Y-necklace lariat necklace
3) Separate the threads into single strands when you are happy with your drop-beads.  Thread beads on each side to create the rest of your necklace according to the look and design you have chosen. Y-necklace lariat necklace
4) Finish off your piece with the fastener of your choice. Y-necklace lariat necklace
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