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"Violet Swirls" Gemstone Pendant

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This is one of my earliest attempts at creating a jewelry pendant with wire wrapping - especially wire wrapping a stone of no definitive shape and with no holes. And I must say, I am hooked! And I like how it turned out.

wire wrapped gemstone jewelry pendant

This was one fat little gemstone. I don't know the exact gemstone it was but I did get it from a fabulous gemstone shop called "Transference Healing". I think the shop is in Leichhardt, Sydney.

You can see how fat the gemstone is from its side profile. Fatty ain't it? :) It's "fattiness" made it both a challenge and fun to wire wrap - and to try and do it gracefully.

wire wrapped gemstone jewelry pendant

Jewelry Pendant Work Details and Photos

The pendant is an interplay of copper and silver (plated over brass) wires - about 0.7mm gauge.

The large gemstone is first "bordered" or "framed" with an appropriate bundle of wires. The bundle of wires is held together on the sides "sliding coils" of copper wiring. These coils are not all separate pieces but there are a few of them (I don't remember how many separate copper coiling sections there are.) These few coiled copper sections are joined to each other via curved sections. These curved sections help form a casing that will initially hold the gemstone in place. (Otherwise, fatty would just pop out!)

wire wrapped gemstone jewelry pendant

The addition of seamless (silver plated) brass (3mm) beads and 4mm gemstone beads (blue coral and red coral) is done as part of the final wraps and flourish. Silver wire is used.

Quite to my own surprise, I do like the color combo of Violet slightly accented with turquoise and red.

The following are two photos of the back view of this wire wrapped gemstone pendant.

wire wrapped gemstone jewelry pendant
wire wrapped gemstone jewelry pendant

Hope you enjoyed this brief interlude of wire wrapping on the fly. If you have any comments, tip, or suggestions, don't be shy. Just pop me a message in the comments box below. Adios!

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