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How to knot between beads with a Reef Knot

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Like the Double Overhand knot, learn how to knot with this method for knotting, using double threads in a reef knot.  Best used between larger holed beads.  It will yield a bulkier knot than the single overhand knot.  This knot uses a reef knot for securing the beads in place and will help loss of beads should the thread ever break during wear.


how to knot: reef knot

Tools Needed:
  • beading thread
  • fastener and beads
1) Cut one length of thread, about 4 times the finished length of the project. Fastened that to a fastener in the middle of the thread.  That will leave you to work with the strands of thread, each about twice the lenght of your finished piece.

how to knot: reef knot
2) Thread both strands through your first bead.  Make a reef knot:
Work the threads left over right and through - tighten the half knot.
Work right over left and through - tighten again.
how to knot: reef knot
3) Add your next bead and repeat the knot as before.
Tape your work to the worktable to anchor it. It will be much easier to work as you go along.

Continue in this way to the end of your project. Think of the tension as your work - keep it constant and even and not too loose nor overly tight.
how to knot: reef knot

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