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Hollywood Glam earrings with Swarovski Elements

Hollywood Glamour Handmade Earrings - a combination of Nostalgia and Hollywood sparkle come together for a truly spectacular yet alluringly feminine sparkle.

This pair of earrings was born when I found myself fascinated with my latest Swarovski acquisition - the superb Swarovski Single Stone Settings: 13304 Navette (from their Cupchains & Findings range).

I had already been playing around with this delicious navette stone with its double hole setting. I was wire wrapping them into rings. Then it came upon me that it was time to trial them in the creation of a pair of earrings. Their sparkle and shape could not be refused.

Handmade Earrings Work Details and Photos

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger picture as your read the notes. With the visual aid, the notes will be much clearer.
Hollywood Glam earrings with Swarovski Elements


Hollywood Glam earrings with Swarovski Elements


Hollywood Glam earrings with Swarovski Elements

These are just brief notes to act as reminder for me and guide to anyone interested, in how these were constructed.

For each earring, start with 2 pieces of short wire. Attach both to one (0.7mm) closed jump ring. Attach by making a loop, inserting the closed jump ring, close off with a double wrap.

Thread a large-hole silver round bead onto each of the wires. The large hole is so that it can cover over the wrapped loop that was just made.

With the silver round bead in place, thread the wires - each though one of the holes in the double-hole setting of the Swarovski Navette.

You might have to juggle this a little bit as the bits are a bit wobbly at this stage and it is fumbly to deal with loose wires and beads going through the holes in the navette setting all at the same time.

Then with the wire, on the emerging side of the navette, make loops, attach dangle chains, and wire-wrap to close the loops.

From that point on, it is pretty easy to figure out huh?

I have not mentioned the top section (with the red crystal rondelle) coz that is pretty self-explanatory from the pics.

Because of the initial closed jump ring, it is essential to work with both wires at the same time otherwise after working one, it will be virtually impossible to work a wire through the second hole in the navette setting and still be neat. I chose a closed jump ring for security but if you decide to go with an open jump ring, then I should imagine it would make the construction easier (though less secure) as you can then work on the wires-through-the navette one by one and finally do the open jump ring on top.

Nostalgic Hollywood Glam earrings with Swarovski Navette
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