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This particular handmade craft is a trendy bolero I really enjoyed making. Suitable for winter as well as other seasons.

Cream Bolero - crochet style top
Cream Bolero - crochet style top

This woolen bolero can be worn in winter or in warmer seasons.

Cream Bolero - crochet style top

Perfect for a sexier look with a short crop top beneath. Ready to party!

Cream Bolero - crochet style top
Cream Bolero - crochet style top

Handmade Craft: Work Details

The yarn (100% wool) used in this was a Delight to work with. This crochet bolero was adapted from a pattern in a Japanese crochet book that I have had since I was 11. It was so fun to make I should have done this much sooner.

Cream Bolero - crochet style top
Cream Bolero - crochet style top

The pattern however had to be quite heavily adapted as the yarn I used and the yarn they used were drastically different. The pattern called for a much thinner yarn and quite a bit of re-calculation had to be done to adapt this to this thick bouncy yarn. But I am now a happy bunny!

Materials/ Size

  • Cleckheaton Kaleidoscope (I just Loved this yarn. Must get more!!!) - 100% wool
  • Size: Small-Medium (Approximately: AU Size 8-12)



As with most handmade items, a bit of loving care will ensure the longevity and optimal upkeep of the piece.

  • Recommended: Gentle Hand wash in Warm water.
    IMPORTANT! Do NOT wash in washing machine. Do NOT wash in hot water.
    (100% or high Wool content will shrink ("felt") with hot water and/or overly vigorous friction.)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Roll up and press in dry towel to absorb moisture.
  • Dry flat in shade to prevent misshaping items.
  • Dry Cleanable
Status (CH0273)
26 May 2012


Cream Bolero - 100% Wool (Sm-Med)

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