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Sometimes handmade crafts can take a lot of tiime. This Flowering Buttons is one that is fairly time consuming thought it is not vey hard too make.

Flowering Buttons crochet scarf

The scarf is make of large crochet flowers; each made separately and to be joined later. For each large flower, make 2 smaller flowers - here I have made different colored smaller flowers to each large flower. The smaller flowers are then attached onto each side of the large flower; each small flower is topped with a button of your choice.

Flowering Buttons crochet scarf Flowering Buttons crochet scarf Flowering Buttons crochet scarf

Once the large+2 small flower pieces are completed and neatened, then join the large flowers together to make the long scarf.

Flowering Buttons crochet scarf

I generally don't like this kind of work because when making handmade crafts like crochet and knitting, I find the joining and endless sewing the most tedious. Especially if you have to start, neaten, finish multiple times.

However the final result is sometimes worth all the effort!

Materials for Flowering Buttons Scarf

  • Large flower: 100% silk yarn (from Nepal)
  • Small Flowers: complementary matching yarn colors, acrylic


As with most handmade items, a bit of loving care will ensure the longevity and optimal upkeep of the piece.

  • Recommended: Gentle Hand wash in Warm water.
    IMPORTANT! Do NOT wash in washing machine. Do NOT wash in hot water.
    (100% or high Wool content will shrink ("felt") with hot water and/or overly vigorous friction.)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Roll up and press in dry towel to absorb moisture.
  • Dry flat in shade to prevent misshaping items.
  • Dry Cleanable
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