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Hodge Podge Bedspread

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More fun in Handmade Crafts! I don't have a lot of notes on this coz it is too simple to write up. This is just a quickie page for me to document my first bedspread.

I made use of tons of leftover yarn that were, to me, kind of matching in color. And this was the ideal (probably one-time) project for me because:

  • lots of left-over yarn
  • my first bed spread
  • there are so many nights when I am not ready to sleep but the mind is too tired to concentrate or plan a new project
Sunshine beaded felted brooch

"Hodge Podge"
- bedspread made on tired nights!

This is ideal for a kind of mindless-project. All I had to do was knit squares and then knit more squares. No thinking needed! It took me about 2 years to finish this :)

Sunshine beaded felted brooch

Handmade Crafts: Work Details and Photos on Knitted Bedspread

After all the squares are made, I just connected the pieces. Some were sewn on to each other, some crocheted together.

Sunshine beaded felted brooch

What would I do differently if I should ever make another bedspread?

I think I would make the squares a bit firmer - so that there is less likely a chance of catching fingers in the stitches.

19 April 2012

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