Handmade Crafts: Slouchy Beanies

Also Sometimes Called "Beany"

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sloucy beanieI am right into playing with handmade crafts at the moment. And I have been wanting to make a slouchy beanie which is relatively speaking, a new item that seems to have taken the fancy of many beanie wearers. Even my hubby, a conservative at the best of times, seems to have taken to a fancy to them as well. But till now I have not attempted to make one so these are my first foray into the world of beanies!

Handmade Crafts: Grey Hobo Crocheted Slouchy Beanie

This is my very first slouchy beanie. Made in 100% wool and worked in open crochet chains. The ribbing on the band is done by (double) crocheting into the back stitch of every row. The entire beanie is worked in the round, with some tapering off towards the top.

Grey Hobo handmade Slouchy Beanie
handmade Slouchy Beanie handmade Slouchy Beanie

Size: Free Size


  • 100% wool, imported from Nepal


As with most handmade items, a bit of loving care will ensure the longevity and optimal upkeep of the piece.

  • Recommended: Gentle Hand wash in Warm water.
    IMPORTANT! Do NOT wash in washing machine. Do NOT wash in hot water.
    (100% or high Wool content will shrink ("felt") with hot water and/or overly vigorous friction.)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Roll up and press in dry towel to absorb moisture.
  • Dry flat in shade to prevent misshaping items.
  • Dry Cleanable

Grey Hobo handmade slouchy beanie
Status (CH0264)
27 Apr 2012

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