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Using Crimp Beads to create Floating Beads in sections with Dangles

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This technique here shows how with the use of crimp beads, you can create dangles or finges for bracelets and necklaces.  Here the dangles are so placed to create sectional, floating finged dangles.


dangle floating beads The use of "invisible" threading here really helps to create a true floating design as the threading 'disappears' when worn.

The technique here will illustrate how to achieve the design you want. It is not a step-by-step from beginning to finish on how to create the pictured necklace.

Tools Needed
  • invisible strong nylon thread (for the main necklace)
  • beading wire (for the dangles)
  • French crimps (crimp beads)
  • fasteners/clasps
  • beads of your choice
1) Use beading wire to create the dangles you want for your design. 

Cut appropriate lengths (which will be folded over to create the dangles).

2) Fold a 'dangle-wire' over the main necklace thread. Thread both ends of the dangle-wire through a crimp bead, crush the crimp bead to form a loop.

crimp bead
3) Thread beads along the dangle wires and finish off with a crimp bead to hold in place. (or         see: How to finish with crimp beads if you want a loop at the end. )

crimp bead
4) Thread beads on both sides of your dangles along your necklace thread and hold in place with crimp beads. (see: Crimp beads to create floating design)

5) Continue in this way to create the sectional  floating sections with dangles along your necklace.

6) finish off the piece with a clasp of your choice.
crimp bead

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