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Swarovski Elements


Mar 2012: This is an archived page. Please refer to Swarovski Cupchain and Findings for the full updated version.
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Swarovski's Channels are made from Round Stones or Fancy Stones. The stone is unfoiled and is encircled with a metal ring around its girdle. This enables light to shine right through the stone. Any Swarovski Channel denoted with "A" in its article number is part of Swarovski's exclusive channel range and represent items that have even greater processing quality than the standard channels.


Channels The stones in the channels are available in most of the Swarovski Stone Colours. as well as various platings: Gun Metal (G), Rhodium 305 Mil (H), Sterling Silver 15 Mil (S), and Gold 3-5 Mil (3).

Swarovski Keystone Beads 5181 57A00 Round (round channel)
Swarovski Keystone Beads 5181 58A00 Square (square channel)
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