What is the right bracelet length for you?

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Jewellery bracelets are beautiful and fun. But there is nothing quite as annoying as a bracelet that is too large or too small is there? Especially when you really love that bracelet ... oh, but only if it was the right size!


People tend to either like their bracelets be a draping fit or a snugger fit.

As a general rule, for a draping fit, bracelets should be aboutn 2 to 2.5 cm larger than the measured circumference of the wrist.

For a snug fit (doesn't drape onto the back of the hand), about 1.5 to 2 cm larger than the wrist circumference.

bracelets To measure your wrist circumference, use a non-stretch tape measure, string, or ribbon. Place it around the widest part of the wrist (over the knobby part) - snugly but not too tight.

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