Chain and Beaded Necklace

"Silver Look" with Swarovski Elements

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Beaded necklace with intersecting mesh chain. A modern classic with a clean and sparkly look. Understated and bold.

Silver Look necklace with Swarovski

Gifted to my soul friend on her 50th

Swarovski Crystal AB (aurore borealis) and white copper go very well together; an elegant pairing. This was originally made in a set (but got separated!)

Silver Look jewelry set with Swarovski

This Swarovski necklace is made solely with A Grade white copper mesh chain and lots of Swarovski 5328 XILION bicone crystals (Crystal AB). It is finished off with a large hallmarked sterling silver toggle. An overall casual elegance.

Silver Look necklace with Swarovski

I have taken quite a number of photos with different backgrounds and from various angles. it is very hard to photographically capture the silver sheen together with the elusive beautiful iridescence of the Swarovski CABs (Crystal ABs).

Silver Look necklace with Swarovski

Approximate Dimensions

Necklace length: 42 cm / 16.5 in
Width: 1 cm / 0.4 in
Weight (net): 25g

Beaded Necklace Work Details and Photos


  • beading needle
  • strong beading thread
  • beading wire
  • Sterling Silver French gimp

This shows a close up of the V section - gives you an idea how it was done. The stitch is RAW (Right Angle Weave)

In those early days when I first made this, I had no idea what the stitch was called. I was later informed at the Australian Beading Forum as to the name of the stitch. It did throw me for a loop when they told me to go RAW!

Silver Look necklace with Swarovski

The beaded sections are wire-sewn on to the white copper mesh chain. It is threaded through sterling silver French bullion (gimp) for a much better finish.

The white copper mesh chain was cut out from finished chains that I had previously purchased.

Silver Look necklace with Swarovski

And that is the story of how this "Silver Look" necklace came to be.

Gifted SP (CC0045)
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