Crochet Beaded Necklace

The Golden Ball Necklace

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Golden Ball Crochet Beaded Necklace
Golden Ball Crochet Beaded Necklace

This is a hugging, snug beaded necklace. Worked in shinny silver beads, with a large focal sitting at base of neck. Ideal for formal subdued elegance with panache, or even for a casual -formal day out on the town. Definitely ideal for going on holidays, which is where it first went with its new owner :)

The work here involves crochet beading or beaded crochet. I never quite know if there is a right term to use. The end caps are also handmade, highlighted with sparkly jewels. This beaded crochet necklace is classic and striking.

Beaded Necklace Work Details and Photos

Golden Ball Crochet Beaded Necklace

This shows a frontal photo of the crochet beaded rope with the golden ball. The "golden ball" is shown surrounded by 2 fancy frilled crystal spacers.

This spacers are ideal for not only does it cup on one side the large round focal bead, but on the other, it creates a perfect cup for the end of the crocheted beaded rope.

Golden Ball Crochet Beaded Necklace

The "Golden Ball" close up. This is a lovely big bead made from a modern form of acrylic called Fantastic Acrylic. The new material can take on amazing metallic colors and it is still light enough to not wear the person down with weight.

Golden Ball Crochet Beaded Necklace

Here you can see a real good close-up on the fancy frilled spacer. The embedded crystals in the spacer are Middle Eastern crystals.

The beads used for the beaded crochet rope are 4mm silver beads (brass base) - approximately 300 beads per side of the necklace. The beads are also anti-nickel.

Beaded End Caps

Handmade beaded cap ends. I purpose made them so that they give a perfect size and fit to the ends of the beaded crochet rope. This was beaded with 2mm silver beads (brass base) in Tubular Herringbone.

Beaded End Caps

Another closer look at the beaded end cap specifically made to go with this crochet necklace.

Beaded End Caps

Clasp - the clasp is also a round ball to match the elemental shapes in the beaded necklace. It is a screw-on clasp, fully embedded with crystals.


4mm silver plated Brass beads (crochet rope)
2mm silver plated beads (end caps)
large Fantastic Acrylic golden round focal bead with black striping
smaller Fantastic Acrylic beads at the ends
fancy frilled spacers with crystals
crystal encrusted round screw-on clasp
strong beading thread (white)


Crochet Hook (size 0)


Full length of necklace: 48.5cm/ 19inch
Diameter of Beaded Rope: 1cm/ 0.4 inch

SOLD (CC0016)

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