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Swarovvki - crochet beaded necklace
Swarovvki - crochet beaded necklace

This beaded necklace is seductively luxurious, wickedly rich. Made entirely with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, it celebrates the silken joys of upcoming nuptials in the rich cream and soft flows.

This is a fully crocheted necklace (my first attempt). I have used Swarovski silk threads which offer strength and flexibility. It features about 1,000 Swarovski pearls and crystal beads. The colors are warm, luxurious, rich, and blissful.

Swarovski pearls are perfectly round with a flawless surface, and design to have identical weight as real pearls. And like real pearls, it also captures the wearer's body temperature giving it that intimate, luxuriously rich feeling.

This piece has been designed with flexibility in mind. It can be worn the other way round - with the long fringes handing down the back. Ideal for a super sexy backless dress where the glittering swing of the tassels creates a flirty, eye-catching look to the smooth flow of the curve of an exposed back. This also produces a deceptively sedate but glamorous look at the front - which works like a double whammy.

This Swarovski bead crochet necklace - in a full lariat style, can be easily taken on and off by just looping over the head. This makes it easier than threading the tassels into the loop-clasp each time.

Beaded Necklace Work Details and Photos

Swarovski beads strung up

Preparation - showing the Swarovski beads and pearls, strung up in the sequence desired, before crochet can commence. Don't they look delicious as is already?

Close up of the Beaded Crochet Rope

Close up of the Beaded Crochet Rope

Close up of the crochet Swarovski rope. Featuring 6mm Swarovski White Crystal Pearls, 4mm Swarovski Creamrose Crystal Pearls.
The Crystal Beads are 4mm Swarovski Golden Shadow and Silk AB.

The Golden Shadow and the Silk AB are a perfect blending combination - they virtually merge into each other, creating a smooth transition and adding indecipherable depth, hue, and tone to the crochet beaded necklace.

Tassle End of Beaded Crochet Lariat

Tassle End of Beaded Crochet Lariat

Tassle End of Beaded Crochet Lariat

Tassle End of Beaded Crochet Lariat

Close up of the three tassel ends. Each end is made from 2 Swarovski Modular beads, fitted together. Color: Crystal Golden Shadow.

The next photo shows the tussle end from another angle. At the very tip of the coupled Swarovski Modular Beads is a 2.5mm bicone Crystal.

The third and fourth photos in this section are just a random shots of the tassels/fringes of this Bridal Silk crochet beaded necklace. You can see why the tassels are so important. Their luscious beauty is quite evident and they will form an indispensable part of the sparkle and gaiety of the piece as they provide scintillating swinging with natural body movements.

Beaded Loop Clasp of the Beaded Necklace Lariat

Beaded Loop Clasp of the Beaded Necklace Lariat

Now, let's take a close look at the beaded loop-clash.

The loop-clasp is worked in tigertail. The loop is expected to take more stress than other areas of the beaded necklace and so the tigertail provides the strength needed.

I used 3mm Swarovski pearls (a combination of White, Creamrose, and Platinum Swarovski Crystal Pearls). The large focus bead is Swarovski Platinum Crystal Pearl, which is sandwiched between crystal rondelles.

The photos below show the completed beaded necklace.

Beaded Necklace - Bridal Silk   Beaded Necklace - Bridal Silk   Beaded Necklace - Bridal Silk


6mm Swarovski 5810 White crystal pearls
3 mm Swarovski 5810 White crystal pearls
4mm Swarovski 5810 Creamrose crystal pearls
3 mm Swarovski 5810 Creamrose crystal pearls
4mm Swarovski 5301 Silk AB crystal bicones
4mm Swarovski 5301 Golden Shadow crystal bicones
2.5mm Swarovski 5301 Crystal bicones
11x6mm Swarovski Golden Shadow Modular beads


Full length of necklace: 85cm/ 33.5inch
Full length of necklace (excl. Tassels): 46cm/ 18.1 inch
Tussle lengths: varies from 33 - 41 cm/ 13-16.1 inch
Circumference of loop-clasp: 9cm/ 3.5 inch

Sold (CC0012)

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