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What is the right necklace length for the occasion?

necklace lengthsEver wondered about the lengths of necklaces? What lengths should you make? Are there guidelines or standards?

The following infomation, complied from various sources, will help you design just the length you need.

Name Length Desc. Comments
   (inches)  (cm)    
collar choker 12-13" 31-33 cm sits snugly at the middle of the neck complements off-shoulder, v-neck, boat neck necklines
choker 14-16" 36-41 cm just on or above collarbone a classic & versatile length.  Suits formal & informal wear
princess 17-19" 43-48 cm ends a little below collar bone probably the most common length. Suits high and low necklines.
matinee 20-25" 51-64 cm ends just at top of bust most popular of longer styles.  Complement low & highnecklines.  Formal & casual wear.
opera 26-36" 66-91 cm over bustline versatile: can be worn in single strand or doubled over.  Can be knotted at neckline or above bust, etc.
rope 37-45" 94-114 cm long tip: can be knotted and flung over shoulder
lariat 48++ " 122++ cm very long like the rope, it usually has no clasp.  One end loops through the other.

Our Necklace Gallery Designs are continuously updated to provide you with inspirations that are chosen to fuel your vast imagination in your creative pursuits.

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